Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why and How I Started Working Out

I started working out regularly because I was tired of living a monotonous lifestyle of working, gaming, eating, and sleeping; to be honest, I was also tired of being built like a straw!

I started out by purchasing myself a heavy bag for Christmas, and doing about an hour of punching on alternating days. This helped me to improve my cardio (which is still poor after years of living a sedentary lifestyle and having asthma as a child) and also helped me to broaden my shoulders a bit.

I still needed more though, so I bit the bullet and joined a local gym. With almost no muscle mass on my body, I started lifting very light weight. It was embarrassing, but luckily for me, the clientele at the gym that I frequent tends to focus on their own workouts rather than heckling dweebs, and some of them actually went out of their way to help me get started. After a few months of dedicated work, I've earned dramatic increases in strength and a noticeably firmer body.

I'm still not a hulking dude with a physique like Chris Jones, but over the course of half of a year, I've evolved from a straw to a twig. In a few years, perhaps I will be proud to look at myself in the mirror. Until then, at least I can flex my pecs now, and I'm on my way to that "V" that makes the ladies pay the fee!

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