Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gym Ramblings: Music

As Marvin Gaye said, "Music is the soul of a man". Music can help you to focus in the gym and to increase the intensity of your workout. Most gyms have some kind of music on in the background, but it is better to bring your own music player and earbuds so that you can customize your playlist with songs that help you to increase your focus and intensity.

On the other hand, music devices may get in the way for some. I always had trouble with my earbuds getting caught on equipment (especially the Roman chair when doing hyperextensions for my lower back). I've sometimes found myself playing with my music player trying to get the right song too, cutting into time that I should have been lifting. Due to these two issues, I've stopped bringing my MP3 player to the gym. I can keep my focus without music, but it did help me to get in the zone when I first started hitting the gym regularly.

Whether you bring a music player to the gym or not, remember that your focus is on hitting the weights, making gains, losing fat, or whatever your personal fitness goals are; not just to listen to tunes! Music should be a tool that adds to your workout, not the primary focus.

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