Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Been a Long Time...

It's been almost three months since the last time I made a blog post. Since then, I have started a new job and I have been focusing on working there than online activities.

This doesn't mean that I haven't been hitting the gym regularly though. I've been keeping part of my New Year's promise ( to myself by hitting the gym at least five days each week. I don't always hit two muscle groups though, as I've found that I am making better gains when a concentrate on one muscle group with a high volume of exercises. I might switch back and forth between the two workout plans every three months or so to keep things interesting.

As far as boxing is concerned, I probably won't be doing it this year. I did not keep my promise to hit my bag thirty minutes a day, but I do hit it at least twice a week for an hour. To be honest, I was thinking about boxing because I was unable to find employment, and wanted to take my aggression out on others legally and productively. Since I've found employment, a lot of the stress that plagued my life has lifted. I would still like to try at least one bout before I get too old, but it probably won't get happening this year. For now, I will just focus on making gains, staying healthy, and making ends meet.

I don't know if I'll be blogging much, but I hope to keep you updated a bit more in the future.