Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Importance of Fitness in Prepping

I really hate politics. I really hate how politics has become a dog and pony show in the United States of America, and how politicians have become akin to reality TV "stars" in today's era. Unfortunately, me not liking something does not mean that it will stop. Yes, I have been exercising at least five days a week, trying to raise my power level, but I have not acquired any of the Dragon Balls, thus, I cannot wish these things away. What I can do, and what I suggest others to do, is to prepare.

There are a lot of people that are angry with the results of last night's election; there are also some what may be overexcited. Rather than focusing that excess energy on something productive, they might decide to take it out on "soft targets". I do not advocate violence, but history shows that violence is a part of the human experience, especially in times of duress. Violence cannot be wished away, but we can take steps to protect ourselves.

I advise law-abiding citizens to arm themselves. If something has to go down, at least you know that you can do something to protect yourselves and your loved ones. Aside from firearms, know that your body can be a weapon. Get into shape. If you can afford them, martial arts or combat sport classes may be good investments. If you are in the gym, remember that endurance and cardio are just as important as, or possibly more important than, size and strength in a SHTF/WROL scenario.

If you are in the school of thought that firearms alone is enough for your defense, then you're entitled to your opinion. That still doesn't mean that you shouldn't workout. Being in a firefight is different from putting holes in a stationary paper target (Disclaimer: I've never been in a firefight, but I'm speaking from what I've read and seen) and good cardio may help you to save your life and endure the heightened heart rate that may come under such a situation. Strengthening the forearms and shoulders can also help with stability of aim, especially with long guns (though I do advise working out all muscle groups since they can all help with stability).

Aside from the wrath of man, we also face potential danger from the wrath of nature. Another storm is approaching the Eastern Seaboard, and here on the West Coast we have earthquakes to worry about. It is important to stock up on healthy foods just in case there is a grocery shortage due to natural disaster or other occurrences. If you live a fitness lifestyle, you already know that it is important to eat healthy; if an emergency does happen, it will be even more important!

In conclusion, I urge you all to try to get into shape, not just to impress the girls or guys, but for your own good. In the event of catastrophe, those with fit bodies (and minds) will have a greater chance of surviving and helping others that are in need. If we avert disaster, well, then yeah, you'll have some extra food and supplies as well as a healthy physique.

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