Thursday, October 4, 2012

Workout Diary: Leg and Bicep Day 10/4/2012

I originally planned to work abs and biceps today and run/walk to the gym for cardio, but the heat made me change my mind. Since I wasn't hoofing it to the gym, I decided on working the legs today. I still elected to workout my biceps today instead of tomorrow, since I want to hit the heavy bag on Saturday, and I can get more out of my workout if my biceps aren't too sore. This is what I did today:

6 sets, 10 reps squats - 45 pounds on each side
4 sets, 15 - 20 reps standing calf raises - 45 pounds on each side
4 sets, 12 reps sitting calf raises - 90 pounds
3 sets, 8 reps deadlifts - 110 pounds

I found myself barely able to walk after these sets (which is my goal on every leg day), so I went and did some exercises for my biceps. Since the exercises that I did on back day also incorporate the biceps, I decided to keep the volume light:

3 sets preacher curl weight-plate-loaded machine - 65 pounds
3 sets hammer curls - 25 pound dumbbells in each hand

I skipped the leg press machine since a group of people were hogging it to themselves; I made up for it by doubling the sets of squats. In relation to this, I noticed that on the leg press machine, I can lift almost double the amount of weight that I can squat. This may be the machine taking away some of the resistance, but more likely, it is the additional pressure that squatting places on the back and shoulders. Squatting probably isn't something that I want to do too close behind back day or shoulder day (which was yesterday; just didn't write about it). I might have to reschedule my split one week and see if there is any improvement in my squats.

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