Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Workout Diary: Back Day 10/2/2012

I made it to the gym a bit earlier today, so I was able to use all of the equipment that I wanted to. I decided against adding shoulders to today's workout; I'll work on them tomorrow. Today's workout was as follows:

4 sets, 8 - 12 reps wide grip pullups - body weight
2 sets, 8 - 12 reps underhand grip pullups - body weight
3 sets, 10 reps hyperextensions - holding 35 pound plate
2 sets, 10 reps hyperextensions - body weight
3 sets, 10 reps barbell rows 80 pounds
3 sets, 10 reps cable row machine - 125 pounds
2 sets, 6 reps cable row machine - 160 pounds
2 sets, 10 reps lat bar pull downs, behind the neck - 85 pounds

Typically, I like to do machine exercises before using free weights on back day (which is the opposite of how I try to work arms), but this routine worked well for me due to the crowd at the gym. I also felt that I was able to get more done with good form. I might continue using this regimen, or a modified version of it in the future.

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