Saturday, June 1, 2013

Still At It

Life has been keeping me away from blogging. Work has been keeping me busy, and I have quite a few projects in various stages of development that I would like to see to completion.
I still want to let everyone know that I'm still at it and still making gainz though. I'm back to training for boxing, but I would like to gain a few more pounds before entering the ring. Naturally, I'm a small guy, and it has been difficult for me to put on weight, but I have increased my strength by at least 25% since the beginning of the year.

I'm also becoming a bit more arrogant, which is good for me as a person who has had low self esteem for most of my life. Despite Asian women pretty much hating Black men, I've been told that I am "delicious" by quite a few Chinese and Taiwanese ladies online; this is always a confidence boost and another reason to keep myself in the gym as long as time permits.

Keep making gainz ya'll.

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